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Collins Releases Policy Plan to Improve our Health Care System and Provide Quality Care for Everyone

Collins follows up release of policy positions on Financial Freedom/Economy, National Security, and Education with 4th policy release on Healthcare

DALLAS – While Democrats concentrate on impeaching President Trump, and Congress continues to do nothing for the American people except bicker and insult each other, Republican Genevieve Collins resumes rolling out sensible, empathetic, and reasonable policy plans to better the lives of North Texans.

Speaking about the release of her policy plan on healthcare, Genevieve said, “The conversation about healthcare today is centered around insurance. But, that discussion misses the forest for the trees. Healthcare should be about patients, not insurance.” Genevieve believes that every American deserves high quality healthcare, but a one-size-fits-all healthcare system run by government bureaucrats is not the answer. It will cost too much and certainly won’t be high quality.”

Collins continued, “It’s time for Congress to find new ways to deliver affordable health care for everyone and socialized medicine is not the answer. Socialized medicine is an economic and health care disaster that will remove all choice, eliminate employer-based health care, and bankrupt our society. Joe Biden has said socialized medicine will cost more than $30 trillion and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have agreed!”

Socialized medicine is a huge part of the Democratic-Socialist Agenda that Nancy Pelosi, Colin Allred, and AOC continue to support. In contrast to the Democrats’ unattainable, pie in the sky “plan” on healthcare, Genevieve laid out her top 3 policy points by outlining the “need to reduce the cost of prescription drugs by increasing the number of generic drugs and not allowing drug manufacturers to game the system, expand the use and limits of Health Savings Accounts, and educate consumers to increase the use of telemedicine while making sure that there are protections to ensure the quality of care.”

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