Financial Freedom & Economic Opportunity


I grew up in a Texas where every person, no matter their race or gender, could chase their dreams. If you could dream it, you could do it. We’re losing that. My plan will stop the bleeding, get the government out of YOUR wallet and create lasting opportunity throughout DFW to get us back on track and keep Texans empowered to innovate, create and thrive!


Democratic Socialists are trying to bring more government our way. We cannot let them. They don’t understand that North Texas is booming not because of more government, but because of less government. Our Texas economy should be a guide for the rest of the nation.


Texans don’t want the federal government in our pocketbook or overseeing our daily lives. We deserve the opportunity to make our own decisions about how to make money and live the life that is best for us and for our communities – and we shouldn’t ask the federal government’s permission. Democratic Socialists like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and AOC don’t understand that.

They think the federal government knows how to spend your money better than you; from Healthcare to our National Debt to the Green New Deal, their policies step on Texans’ God-given right to choose what is best for each of us. Under their system the rich become poorer and the poor become poorer. It brings everyone down.


We deserve the right and choice to do what’s best with our money instead of the government deciding for us. I will fight unnecessary regulation to let the people of North Texas unleash their entrepreneurial spirit and increase economic opportunity for everyone.


Our Plan to give people financial freedom and boost our economy:

 Work with the Administration to support the trade agenda for the new US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA) and hit China for their currency manipulation and unfair trade practices to make free and fair trade a reality for the first time in generations. ​

 Keep the 2016 Tax Cuts that have accelerated our economy and put money back in Texans’ wallets. They were a great start, but more work needs to be done to reform and simplify our tax code and ensure everyone has the opportunity prosper.

The DFW Metroplex has 52 designated Opportunity Zones. These Opportunity Zones help lift people out of severe poverty, create local community commerce, and transform parts of North Texas that have been forgotten. I will continue to support these economic Opportunity Zones with legislation and help provide clarity around implementation.

 Audit the federal government to identify wasteful and unnecessary spending. Colin Allred recently supported a $320 million debt increase in 2019 that will add $1.7 TRILLION to our National Debt over the next 10 years. I will not rest until we cut wasteful spending and cut down our national debt for the children of tomorrow. We can start with supporting a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution and by working to sunset duplicative and wasteful government programs.

 Innovation OVER Regulation: I support the private sector and its ability to come up with innovative solutions to our very real problems. The last thing we need is more red tape and/or handcuffs on our local business community. I will unleash our Texas spirit of entrepreneurism by supporting tax incentives for technological innovation, especially in fields relating to technology, cyber security and energy, truly making North Texas a financial, technology, and energy hub for the rest of the country and the world.

 Identify the non-automated jobs of the future and use these findings to not only improve today’s workplace but invest in education for training the current workforce with the skills/needs of tomorrow. We need to put these skills into the K-12 curriculum to train those of our children for whom a 4-year university may not be the best option.

 Unleash Texan know-how when it comes to Energy. Whether it’s Natural Gas, Oil or Renewables… the Texas economy thrives on innovating and providing world-class and affordable energy. We need to preserve tax credits for existing technologies and invest in new technologies to create and build our future energy matrix, keep our gas prices at the pump down and also lower the energy prices for our homes and businesses! 

Together, let's get the Federal Government out of your way and wallet and empower Texans to create the opportunities for all of us to succeed.

Provide a World-Class Education Foundation

Every American child has a right to a great education: as Americans and as Texans, we have a duty to make sure that our kids get a world-class education, so that they can grow up to be informed citizens who have the knowledge and skills to pursue happiness and live the American Dream.

My career as a public education businesswoman and advocate has given me a unique opportunity to see what it takes to provide a world-class education for our children. Through my work, I’ve been personally involved in creating measurable outcomes for public, private and charter schools that impact hundreds of thousands of students both in North Texas and nationally. I have also written and advised on education policy that I personally reviewed with Vice President Mike Pence in the White House that advocates on the behalf of all children regardless of their socio- economic level and geography.

I believe that parents are the primary educators of their children. Period. I also believe that public schools can be parents’ strongest ally in educating their children. I went to public schools and worked closely with many public schools throughout my career, and I have found that they are beacons of hope, opportunity and learning. None of the great benefits of public, private and charter schools would be possible without the hard work of teachers; that’s why I believe that we must do more to support our teachers in the increasingly tough job they do every day.

Common Core is certainly not the answer and I’m proud that here in Texas we never adopted it but rather kept our own unique and rigorous standards. I’ve seen too much testing happen in schools around the nation, which burdens teachers and administrators while frustrates parents and students and does little if anything to provide kids with a world-class education. I will work to eliminate the high-stakes summative assessment and ensure there are better ways to measure student progress and success than a one-shot, high-stakes, 8-hour test. I will also work to provide more balance between academic rigor and whole child learning to ensure that our Texas students are better prepared for the ever-changing workplace they will enter.

Our Plan to give people financial freedom and boost our economy:

K-12 Education: create meaningful choice, reduce testing, measure equity in order to close the achievement gap.

Lift up trade schools and community colleges as an affordable, career-centric and profitable choice for students to whom a 2-year or a 4-year University may not be the best option by including these skills in the K-12 curriculum.

Protect local control when warranted and keep school districts accountable – But not through general, one size fits all testing.

Promote Dual Language Education and research proves that students who are bilingual or multilingual outperform other students by as much as 10 points on end of year testing. I will work to provide support and grants for any student to enroll in Dual Language classrooms to ensure our schools in North Texas produces the most globally competitive students.

Support grants for the “Read by Grade 3” legislation that many states have already adopted.

Expand the definition and support network for schools to provide wrap- around services to low-income neighborhoods to lift up both the school and the community. Allocate higher levels of Title 1 funding for wrap-around services to include: Child and Family Services, Child Find, Early Childhood/Pre-K Special Education, Family School Partnerships, Health services, student athletics and activities.

Keeping America Safe

Keeping Americans safe and secure in an ever-changing domestic and foreign landscape is Congress’ FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT priority. Domestically, we must secure our borders and reform our legal immigration system. Internationally, we must support our military as nations like China and Iran continue to undermine American interests abroad. Absolutely nothing is more important than securing our freedoms and keeping Americans safe.


My family has a long history of military service. I always have and always will be a strong supporter of our men and women in uniform. I will make sure that Congress supports our troops, giving them the resources they need and deserve when handling current global and domestic threats.

Our National Defense

By 2017, military readiness had become “dangerously low.”  Congress’ sequester and Continuing Resolutions to fund the government have taken their toll on our military.  While we’ve made progress in recent years, some of our adversaries have come close to peer status in terms of military capabilities.  The U.S. must rise to this challenge in an affordable yet effective way to discover the next disruptive and innovative technologies that will help us stay ahead of the competition.


China has become a strategic competitor that uses bribery, currency inflation, intellectual property theft and cyber-attacks to intimidate its neighbors and take advantage of the US – impacting our pocketbooks here at home.  They built a competitive economy on the backs of stolen American Intellectual Property in what has been called the greatest transfer of wealth in history.  We’ve ignored these threats at too high a cost for too long; I support the President’s efforts to stand up to China and bring them to the negotiating table. I will work hard to ensure a constructive, results-oriented relationship with China that brings home better jobs and paychecks for hard-working Americans.


Vladimir Putin’s methods of “leadership” could start the next Cold War.  While the U.S. continues to find ways to cooperate with Russia in areas where we agree, we have to recognize we’re dealing with an authoritarian government without free speech, freedom of the press, or many of the protections our Constitution guarantees.  Given their invasion of Crimea and the attempted interference in our elections and those of our allies – along with propping up dangerous regimes such as Syria – we must stay a step ahead of Russia’s attempts to disrupt the U.S. and our interests.  I will always prioritize a strong defense and intelligence community that will contain Putin and deter Russia from challenging the U.S. or our interests.


We must find a way to move forward on Iran.  This is challenging, as the Islamic regime in Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terror, responsible for the deaths of US servicemen and women and the reason many more came home with debilitating injuries from their service in Iraq and other conflicts.  For decades, Iran has supported terrorists and their proxies unabated. Obama's disastrous Iran deal handed the regime $150B while doing little to nothing to stop them from obtaining a nuclear weapon. If anything, the deal only served to embolden Iran and put our allies at greater risk, as we've seen with Iran's brazen attacks on U.S, British, and Saudi interests. President Trump was right to withdraw from the agreement, and right to continue to impose harsh sanctions on this terror-supporting regime. This is an imperative and time-sensitive issue as the U.S. does not need or want another war; yet we cannot allow Iran to conduct terror attacks against U.S. interests and U.S. service members.  We must work together with our allies in the international community to contain Iran before it’s too late.


North Korea

I support constructive and serious dialogue with North Korea along with other forms of pressure to compel them to irreversibly and verifiably denuclearize.  I support talks between North and South Korea to improve relations and to resolve outstanding problems, but it’s important we do not give in to Kim Jong-un. We must stop North Korea's nuclear program, prevent Kim Jong-un from deploying his existing nuclear weapons, and ensure that North Korea becomes less of a threat to us and the region.


The Border

The border isn’t just an immigration issue; it’s a national security issue. It doesn’t do any good for our brave soldiers to take the fight to our foes overseas if those same enemies can walk right across our Northern or Southern borders or enter through our ports unchecked.

No nation is secure without a border that it controls, and that’s why we need to build a wall where necessary and provide cutting-edge technology and more funding to the Border Patrol, ICE and Coast Guard to ensure that we enforce the laws that keep American citizens safe.

My Plan to Keep Americans Safe and Secure, both now and in the future:


Our servicemen and women deserve the very best resources and support as they fight to protect American freedoms. I will work with the DoD to ensure they have every capability possible to continue modernizing our strategies and keep Americans safe in an increasingly dangerous world.


We must secure our borders and give those who protect our border the funding and the tools they need to be successful and fix the crisis at our southern border.


China has stripped much of the country of good manufacturing jobs and has been stealing our intellectual property for decades for their own gain. I support President Trump’s effort to crack down on China’s currency manipulation and intellectual property policies. Congress needs to support the President and ensure we show a united front against China’s deceptive practices.


Our adversaries’ ability and intent to wage cyber warfare is a grave concern. The Russians and Chinese in particular have been able to steal not just business property, but also military secrets. I will work to boost our knowledge and engagement on cyber security within the military and corporate America to ensure American ideas and businesses can prosper without fear of foreign infringement.  We must invest in strict cyber security protections now. Congress must ensure our infrastructure – the electric grid, roadways and water systems – is not hacked to cause domestic havoc.


Congress must create and enforce laws around cyber espionage because American businesses are being hijacked by economic theft through the loss of industrial information and intellectual property. Election integrity is also vital; foreign election interference is a serious threat. It’s clear that there have been efforts by our enemies to access sensitive information such as voter registration. Republicans in Congress and the Trump Administration have made progress since 2016, and I will continue these efforts to fight against any threat to our democracy.


Improve our Healthcare System & Provide Quality Care for Everyone

Today’s conversation about health care is centered on insurance, but that discussion misses the forest for the trees. Health care should be about patients, not insurance, specifically in 2 ways: keeping patients healthy and treating patients who are not. Somehow our system has stripped the patient’s right to decide how they want to be treated. We must turn our focus on empowering individuals to get the best health care for them.


Medicare for All is just another term for socialized medicine and is an economic and health care disaster that will remove all choice, eliminate employer-based health insurance and bankrupt our society. Joe Biden has said socialized medicine will cost more than $30 trillion and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth have agreed!


Every American deserves high quality health care, but a one-size-fits-all health care system run by government bureaucrats is not the answer. It will cost too much and certainly won’t be high quality. It’s a huge part of the Socialist Agenda and is not the answer to our health care problems.


Obamacare has raised the cost of care and eliminated access to doctors of our choosing. For Americans with pre-existing conditions, Obamacare does not allow patients in the individual market to go to Treatment Centers of Excellence, like Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas or MD Anderson in Houston. Congress needs to allow specialty doctors or medical centers to treat patients with chronic diseases in the individual market. This will increase patients’ choice, access to higher quality health care, and competition among the best treatment facilities across the nation.


Many Americans in the individual health care market are forced into high cost, high deductible plans that offer nothing more than emergency coverage if something tragic happens. Yet they are spending upwards of 15-20% of their annual income on health care they don’t ever see any benefit from. The average cost of employer-based coverage has risen to more the $20,000/year, leading many employers to drop coverage and force more people into the individual market.


Access to health care and the high cost of prescription drugs are a huge concern for many Americans. The high cost of prescription drugs is an issue that affects everyone and the cost of medicine is not only hurting consumers but also our overall economy.  We can lower out-of-pocket costs for patients by increasing the number of generic drugs entering the market and preventing drug manufacturers from gaming the system to stifle competition.


It’s time for Congress to find new ways to deliver affordable health care for everyone. With the access and availability to primary care physicians constantly decreasing, our first step is to embrace Telemedicine – being able to talk to your doctor via email, phone, Skype, Facetime, etc. – for certain types of minor treatment. Half of Emergency Room visits aren’t actually necessary and up to one third of doctor visits could actually be in the patient’s home. Telemedicine is a great first step to advise patients on the next steps in their care, how to get better and also reduce health care costs for all Americans.


My Plan for Quality, Accessible and Sustainable Health Care:


Stop Socialized Medicine!!!


 Preserve protections for those with pre-existing conditions


President Trump has been trying to work with Congress to lower the cost of prescription drugs, but Democrats in Congress like Colin Allred continue to play political games.  We must lower the cost of prescription drugs by increasing the number of generic drugs on the market and look into how we can keep the drug manufacturers honest by ensuring fair competition and negotiation.


Expand the use and limits of Health Savings Accounts. The ability to save money, tax free, specifically for health care related spending can be a game changer. Congress has played politics with this issue for too long and it’s time to get real and expand this program.


Educate consumers to increase the use of telemedicine while making sure that there are protections to ensure the quality of care. This will provide around-the-clock access to a personal physician, greatly improve the quality and timeliness of care and save you money


Give everyone access to centers of excellence like Southwestern Medical Center, MD Anderson and Cancer Centers of America that specialize in chronic health conditions (including pre-existing conditions).


Follow Texas’ lead and reform Medical Malpractice laws to protect both patients and doctors. This will reduce the cost of care and also reduce the amount of unnecessary “preventative prescriptions” that are prescribed.


 Empower American ingenuity through grants and other means to solve our health care problems through technology and new, free enterprise ideas.


Support Israel


(Download PDF Attachment)

Israel is the most stable, prosperous and free nation in the Middle East. I believe in Israel and its important relationship with the United States. Not only does Israel align with the United States’ Judeo-Christian values, it promotes democracy in a region ruled by totalitarianism. Like the United States, Israel has found a way to make itself into a thriving and innovative economy. Israel is a crucial trading partner to the United States and works in true partnership with us to share information, ideas and important terrorist intel.


If I am fortunate enough to be elected to Congress, I vow to always stand up for Israel whether that be fiscally, militarily or personally. In Congress I will work to ensure Israel has the full protection from the United States against terrorist threats who seek to undermine democracy and hurt innocent Israelis of all backgrounds and religions.



Iran has been a bad actor both in the region and worldwide since 1979. It currently presents itself as a serious national security threat to the United States and an existential threat to Israel. With the death of Qassem Soleimani, a known terrorist and architect of terror, tensions with the United States and Iran are at a new high. Israel is a prime and proximal target for Iranian retaliation and the United States must once again show that any attack on Israel will not be tolerated.


I support President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal; however, we must now find a way to move forward diplomatically with Iran while protecting our long-term security interests and those of our allies in the region. This is challenging as the Islamic regime in Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terror, responsible for the deaths of US servicemen and women and the reason many more came home with debilitating injuries from their service in Iraq and other conflicts. For decades, Iran has supported terrorists and their proxies unabated. Obama's disastrous Iran deal handed the regime $150B while doing little to nothing to stop them from obtaining a nuclear weapon. If anything, the deal only served to embolden Iran and put our allies at greater risk, as we've seen with Iran's brazen attacks on U.S, British, and Saudi interests. President Trump was right to withdraw from the agreement, and right to continue to impose crippling economic sanctions on this terror-supporting regime. This is an imperative and time-sensitive issue as the U.S. does not need or want another war. While we cannot and will not allow Iran to conduct terror attacks against U.S. interests, we can and should continue to utilize our diplomatic, economic and yes military deterrence to help deescalate tensions.



Jerusalem is the rightful capital of Israel and I am thrilled that the United States Embassy is finally in its rightful home. Jerusalem is the holiest of cities and Israel allows all people of faith to visit this remarkable, ancient and special place.


The opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem on May 14, 2018 was a significant day and feat for America’s relationship with Israel. The “Jerusalem Embassy Act”, passed by Congress in 1995 has continued to provide bipartisan support to the recognition of the simple fact that Jerusalem is the self-determined capital of the Jewish State. The Administration’s fulfillment of the law after 23 years is an opportunity to celebrate the relationship and partnership between the United States and Israel.


Foreign Assistance and Military Cooperation

The United States alliance with Israel is manifested in a significantly tangible way in the area of foreign assistance and military cooperation. Congress is responsible for providing financial aid to Israel whenever and wherever it is needed. If elected, I will wholeheartedly support the continued fulfillment of the Memorandum of Understanding that lays out America’s financial commitment to the people of Israel. I will be proud to be an advocate for Israel’s self-defense, and I will oppose any proposal that seeks to undermine or condition funding to Israel, as her survival is a critical national security interest of the United States. I will condemn any efforts that strives to weaken the cooperative efforts between our nations including but not limited to the military, intelligence sharing, or cybersecurity.


One State vs. Two States

I fully support a two-state solution. Israel is constantly undermined by the Palestinian Authority and their continual disregard for basic principles to an agreement. Israel has consistently demonstrated a willingness to negotiate but is too often met with complete rejection. The Palestinian Authority’s all-or-nothing approach is both unproductive and unnecessary. While I understand the conflict in trying to outline and identify borders between two states, I also realize that Israel has both consistently fought for its land and then returned or withdrawn from those areas in an effort to broker a long-lasting peace.


With Israel constantly targeted for terror, there are overwhelming strategic military considerations that understandably come first and foremost in Israel’s eyes. If elected to Congress, I will support Israel’s right to determine what it needs to secure its future and the safety of her people while encouraging the Palestinians to finally sit down at the table and take responsibility for the governance and welfare of its people.



Israel is a small country only now exploring and discovering her natural resources. I applaud Israelis and their innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that creates a thriving 21st Century economy. Whether through business, agricultural or technological advancements, Israel is booming with the second largest number of startup companies... only trailing the United States. It is with this in mind, that if elected I will always strive to keep Israel a top trading partner who promotes free and fair trade like the United States but more importantly, let’s good business practice and principles guide its economy.


Fighting BDS

It is gravelly important that Americans realize there is economic war going on to Boycott/Divest/Sanction Israel. Recognizing its true intention is not to achieve a stable two-state solution, I am completely against this movement, and if elected will be on the front lines to thwart any further attempts to delegitimize Israel.


The United States must make clear that economic warfare against a free, democratic and open society is intolerable and will be met with resistance by us. America must always be on the front lines of free-trade and must make clear to our trading partners that any country who engages in any sort of BDS activity is in violation of free trade.


Unfortunately, BDS is not just an economic issue but a philosophical issue encountered on College and University campuses. Students need to understand how critical Israel is to our own nations prosperity and I applaud the Trump Administration for its executive order on Anti Semitism on December 11, 2019.



With the Middle East growing more erratic daily, now more than ever is the time to step up and support our ally Israel and I will always make that intention known when in Congress.


We must secure our borders, Period. We have a crisis at our southern border that continues because Democrats in Congress refuse to acknowledge the problem and refuse to act.


No nation is secure without a border that it controls, and that’s why we need to build a wall where possible and provide cutting-edge technology and more funding and resources to the Border Patrol, ICE and Coast Guard to ensure that we enforce the immigration laws that keep American citizens safe. I am in favor of legal immigration and believe that those who follow the rules and become American citizens are not only wonderful contributors to our society but also recognize the glory of Democracy and that it is worth fighting for.


The border isn’t just an immigration issue: it’s a national security issue. It doesn’t do any good for our brave soldiers to take to the fight to our foes overseas if those same enemies can walk right across our northern or southern borders or sail right into our ports.


The Second Amendment

I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I grew up around firearms where weapon safety is paramount and the first priority. We must protect the Second Amendment to ensure that our constitutional rights and freedoms are NOT taken away. We must better enforce our current background checks system to make sure we get them right.


A prevalence of weapons in our communities is not the only or main cause of the escalated violence that we have seen. I believe mental illness, opioid and drug abuse, combined with a system that allows those suffering from these afflictions to obtain guns, is the main issue at hand. We need to understand that our country is suffering from a serious problem related to mental health and address it directly.


Protect The Life of the Unborn

Life is our first and most fundamental God-given right, and protecting lives is the first duty of government. That's why I will always be pro-life, from conception until natural death.


Liberal Democrats like Colin Allred are pushing for third-trimester abortions, infanticide, and euthanasia through socialized medicine. As if that weren't bad enough, they're trying to force religious charities and taxpayers to fund abortion.


I will never stop fighting against abortion, standing up for religious liberty, and defending the freedom of the conscience. We must put an end once and for all to taxpayer funding of abortion.


I will always stand up for all lives--no matter how small.


Term Limits

I believe in term limits for elected officials AND Congress. Career politicians line their pockets with everyday Americans’ hard-earned Tax money. I believe there should be a 12-year max for both Senators (2-terms) and Representatives (6-terms). I believe this balances the benefits of experience with protections to ensure that our elected officials are not elected for life.


Unleash American Energy Resources

We must unleash Texan know-how when it comes to Energy. Whether it’s Natural Gas, Oil or Renewables… the Texas economy thrives on innovating and providing world-class and affordable energy. We need to preserve tax credits for existing technologies and invest in new technologies to create and build our future energy matrix, keep our gas prices at the pump down and also lower the energy prices for our homes and businesses!

Taking Care of Our Veterans

I come from a long line of veterans who have served our country and believe that we need to treat those soldiers with respect, love and the care they deserve. From the care they receive through the VA to helping them re-enter civilian life successfully, we, as American citizens, have not done our level best for those who have defended our freedoms.


To better serve our veterans, we need to expand transition employment programs, improve mental health services, increase entrepreneurial training programs, and expand the ability for veterans to receive quality health care from traditional sources outside of the VA.


Transition from military life to civilian life is not easy. Expanding employment programs across the services will help veterans have a better chance to succeed after completing their service.


I will work with accrediting and licensing organizations to allow transferable skills from the military to be licensed in the professional world – For example, a medic in the military is not automatically licensed as an EMT upon leaving the service. There are so many similar examples that we need to reduce red tape and grant military veterans or spouse’s portability with their current licenses and/or certifications across the states.


Suicide rates for veterans is far too high. No veteran should ever feel alone or without a lifeline. I will work to reducing the stigma of seeking mental health services across the military. We must normalize this so that veterans can talk freely amongst themselves and not feel like they will be punished for talking through their thoughts and feelings. There are many people and organizations throughout North Texas are here to help these veterans in need. I also support providing grants to faith and community-based organizations to help veterans heal within their homes and community.


Veterans through their service experience often come home with new, entrepreneurial ideas that can make people’s lives easier and better. I will work to grow existing programs that train service members on business fundamentals and how to create a thriving entrepreneurial business. With that, for any veteran that chooses not to go to college, I will fight to allow veterans to use their GI Bill to start a small business.


Many veterans don’t know about existing services for them and I will work with the VA, DoD and the numerous non-profits to create an audit and menu of resources for veterans to access within their communities. There are so many of us willing to help but oftentimes it can be overwhelming to know where to go.


Lastly, I will work to expand the MISSION Act for veterans to take any of their medical benefits to any hospital or doctor, giving them choice of the best access to health, including the VA.


Protecting Our Environment

Conservatives have a long history of environmental conservation and stewardship. It’s only been over the last decade plus that the issue has become so politicized. I believe that we can care for and protect the environment while not doing harm to our economy and way of life.


Protecting our rivers, forests, oceans, lakes and the air we breathe is important. I support an All of the Above energy and environmental strategy. Solutions to climate change and other environmental issues are right here in Texas. Texans are revolutionizing the energy industry and producing cleaner and more efficient fossil fuels, while expanding the use, applications and accessibility of clean energy.


In Congress, I will continue this work and be a proud steward of our environment, your tax dollars and our way of life.


Political contributions are not tax exempt.