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DALLAS, TX -Today, Genevieve Collins released her second television advertisement of the general election, titled “Calvert.” The ad features Genevieve telling the story of her late grandmother, Calvert Collins, who was the first woman ever elected to the Dallas City Council in 1957.

The ad will run across the Dallas broadcast market. It is available for viewing here.

“It is my honor to share my second TV ad of the general election today. This ad honors all women who’ve made their voices heard,” said Genevieve Collins. “I’m proud of my grandmother, Calvert, for being the first woman elected to the Dallas City Council in 1957. She inspires me daily to work hard, be bold, and be honest. That’s exactly what Congress needs more of today.”

“When I get to Washington, 32nd district residents have my word that I will fight for what matters to them – creating jobs, protecting their health care, and keeping them safe. People are tired of politicians that say one thing in their district, then go to Washington and abandon them in favor of party leaders and special interests. In Congress, the only people I will serve are the hardworking North Texas families that make this place the best in the country to live.”


Strong women dream big. And that was my grandmother, Calvert.

She was the first woman elected to the Dallas City Council back in 1957.

She inspires me to work hard and be honest. To lead with reason and grace. More of what Congress needs today.

Like you, I care about jobs, healthcare and security. Getting it right for us and the next generation.

I’m Genevieve Collins and I approve this message. I’m grateful to the women who’ve made their voices heard. It gives me the courage to do the same.

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