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Genevieve Collins Releases Policy Plan for Education

Collin’s released her Financial Freedom and Economic Opportunity Plan last week and plans to release a new policy plan every week in September

DALLAS – Genevieve Collins has spent her entire career as a public education advocate working to better the education of students throughout North Texas and the nation. She has written education policy that she personally reviewed with Vice President Mike Pence in the White House that advocates on the behalf of all children regardless of their socio-economic level or geography and has been recognized for her leadership throughout North Texas.

Upon the release of her policy position on education, Genevieve spoke of her background in education policy and her beliefs, “Every child has a right to a great education: as Americans and as Texans, we have a duty to make sure that our kids get a world-class education, so that they can grow up to be informed citizens who have the knowledge and skills to pursue happiness and live the American Dream. I went through the public school system and believe that parents are the primary educators of their children. Period. Throughout my career as a public education advocate, I’ve been involved in creating measurable outcomes that impact hundreds of thousands of students both in North Texas and nationally.”

Genevieve’s plan calls for an end to the high-stakes summative assessments and ensures there are more ways to measure student progress and success than a one-shot, high-stakes, 8-hour test. Genevieve stated that she, “will also work to provide more choice and more balance in academic rigor, and whole child learning to ensure that our Texas students are the most prepared for the ever-changing workplace they will enter. This is something that students, teachers, parents and administrators can all agree on.”

Genevieve’s plan goes on to list six specific policy proposals from lifting up trade schools and community colleges as affordable, career-centric and profitable choices for students whose best option may not be a 2 or 4 year University education to supporting grants for the “Read by Grade 3” legislation that many states have already adopted.

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