Provide a World-Class Education Foundation

Every American child has a right to a great education: as Americans and as Texans, we have a duty to make sure that our kids get a world-class education, so that they can grow up to be informed citizens who have the knowledge and skills to pursue happiness and live the American Dream.


My career as a public education businesswoman and advocate has given me a unique opportunity to see what it takes to provide a world-class education for our children. Through my work, I’ve been personally involved in creating measurable
outcomes for public, private and charter schools that impact hundreds of thousands of students both in North Texas and nationally. I have also written and advised on education policy that I personally reviewed with Vice President Mike Pence in the White House that advocates on the behalf of all children regardless of their socio- economic level and geography.

I believe that parents are the primary educators of their children. Period. I also believe that public schools can be parents’ strongest ally in educating their children. I went to public schools and worked closely with many public schools throughout my career, and I have found that they are beacons of hope, opportunity and learning. None of the great benefits of public, private and charter schools would be possible without the hard work of teachers; that’s why I believe that we must do more to support our teachers in the increasingly tough job they do every day.


Common Core is certainly not the answer and I’m proud that here in Texas we never adopted it but rather kept our own unique and rigorous standards. I’ve seen too much testing happen in schools around the nation, which burdens teachers and administrators while frustrates parents and students and does little if anything to provide kids with a world-class education. I will work to eliminate the high-stakes summative assessment and ensure there are better ways to measure student progress and success than a one-shot, high-stakes, 8-hour test. I will also work to provide more balance between academic rigor and whole child learning to ensure that our Texas students are better prepared for the ever-changing workplace they will enter.

Our Plan to give people financial freedom and boost our economy:

K-12 Education: create meaningful choice, reduce testing, measure equity in order to close the achievement gap.

Lift up trade schools and community colleges as an affordable, career-centric and profitable choice for students to whom a 2 or 4 year University may not be the best option by including these skills in the K-12 curriculum.

Protect local control when warranted and keep school districts accountable – But not through general, one size fits all testing.

Promote Dual Language Education and research proves that students who are bilingual or multilingual outperform other students by as much as 10 points on end of year testing. I will work to provide support and grants for any student to enroll in Dual Language classrooms to ensure our schools in North Texas produces the most globally competitive students.

Support grants for the “Read by Grade 3” legislation that many states have already adopted.

Expand the definition and support network for schools to provide wrap- around services to low-income neighborhoods to lift up both the school and the community. Allocate higher levels of Title 1 funding for wrap-around services to include: Child and Family Services, Child Find, Early Childhood/Pre-K Special Education, Family School Partnerships, Health services, student athletics and activities.

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