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DALLAS, TX – With radical socialist Bernie Sanders slated to address the Democratic National Convention this evening, 32nd Congressional district Republican nominee Genevieve Collins is calling on Congressman Colin Allred to disavow Sanders’ radical anti-energy and anti-business agenda that would cost hundreds of thousands Texas workers their jobs.

In his speech tonight, Sanders is sure to address his radical agenda which includes:

While Allred has already indicated his support for Sanders’ health care takeover as well as the Green New Deal, he is in total hiding when it comes to Sanders’ laundry list of other policies that would crush the North Texas economy.

“Since campaigning as a ‘bipartisan moderate’ in 2018, Colin Allred has been anything but. He votes with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time on policies that are harmful to North Texas businesses and families,” said Collins.

"$6,000 checks for illegal immigrants? Allred voted for them. An unrealistic, dead-on-arrival $3 trillion wasteful spending package disguised as COVID-19 relief? Allred voted for it. Time after time, Colin Allred has shown that he puts Washington D.C., not Texas, first."

“Yet on the issues actually important to this community, Colin Allred has been silent. No stance on Dallas City Council attempts to defund the police. No plan to keep us safe from the Chinese Communist Party. No vision for helping our district’s businesses and workers recover from the pandemic. Will his silence continue tonight as radical Bernie Sanders pushes his socialist anti-energy, anti-jobs policies?"

“I am calling on Colin Allred to disavow Bernie Sanders' socialist agenda that would cost the Texas economy billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lost jobs and businesses. It’s time we have leaders in Congress, not party-line order-takers. People who understand what it means to create jobs and balance a budget because they’ve done it their entire career. In Congress I will use my business background to actually put Texas first, and the only people I will serve are the hardworking people of the 32nd district.”

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A 7th Generation Texan and 4th Generation Dallasite, Genevieve Collins is a lifelong Republican and graduate of the Cox School of Business at SMU. As Head of Corporate Strategy at Istation, a leading education technology firm Collins was named one of 2018 20 Under 40 in the Dallas area for her work turning around struggling school districts. 

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