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Maggie’s List Endorses Genevieve Collins

Group works to raise awareness and elect conservative women to Congress

DALLAS – Genevieve Collins’ Campaign for Congressional District 32 is proud to announce the endorsement of Maggie’s List, an organization dedicated to electing fiscally conservative women to federal and statewide executive office.

Maggie's List extensively researches candidates and endorses those whose policy views and legislative behavior promote fiscal conservatism, less government, more personal responsibility, and strong national security.

“Genevieve is a strong woman of faith who loves and has a deep dedication to her country, family and local community,” said Lisa Fortson, Maggie’s List Texas State Chair. “Her background as a successful businesswoman and 7th Generation Texan shows me she is prepared to take on the problems in DC and bring more Texas to Washington! Genevieve views the nation’s problems through a thoughtful and common-sense approach, which is why she is such a great fit for Maggie’s List.”

Upon receiving the endorsement, Genevieve stated, “It’s a pleasure to have the support of such a fine and reputable organization such as Maggie’s List. Very few organizations have done more to support conservative women and help elect women who believe in fiscal conservatism and strong national security. It is an incredible honor to receive their endorsement.”

Collins’ impressive resume includes her current title, Head of Corporate Strategy at Istation, a leading education technology firm that helps students and teachers reach their academic goals using personalized learning to pinpoint every student’s exact reading and math ability. She is also a graduate of SMU’s Cox School of Business and was named one of Park Cities 2018’s local 20 Under 40 for her work helping to turn around low-performing school districts and changing students’ lives.

Genevieve’s campaign has gotten off to a strong start, buoyed by raising 476K in the first sixty days and committing to strong grassroots outreach in a district that is primed to flip back to Republican control in 2020. The endorsement by Maggie’s List continues alongside Collins’ rollout of her policy positions on major issues such as Financial Freedom, Education, and National Security.

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