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DALLAS, TX – Dallas Businesswoman and Republican nominee for Congress in Texas’ 32nd Congressional district Genevieve Collins released the following statement regarding the stimulus package that passed the House of Representatives earlier today:

“I commend the administration and Congressional officials for working to get this deal done. As a businesswoman focused on results and solutions as opposed to empty politics and talk, I support this legislation as I feel it provides much needed relief for American businesses, many of which are facing total devastation as a result of this horrible pandemic. I also support the aid this legislation provides to our state and local governments and hospitals, which are all doing an admirable job leading us through this crisis here in North Texas."

“While this legislation is not perfect and anything with a $2 trillion price tag deserves scrutiny, the fact of the matter is that ultimately, this legislation is not hard to support. House Democrats’ political games earlier this week, holding relief up for no good reason other than party politics and pork, were an absolutely disgusting display.”

“This is not a joke. This is not a game. North Texans are losing their jobs. North Texans are getting sick. Yet Nancy Pelosi and her enablers like Colin Allred, who has voted with her 100% of the time, stalled relief efforts for days on end to make a political statement. It is exactly what people despise about Washington, and it’s why they’re yearning for outsiders to come shake it up.” 

“My campaign is dedicated to providing actionable and transparent resources for all of the 32nd district’s constituents. We are talking with food pantries and school districts around the district in addition to getting information out about relief for North Texas employers and workers. I understand people are suffering and have lost their jobs, income and are food insecure. Instead of playing politics, I am working across our community and getting our hardworking people the resources they desperately need.”

“When elected I will never stand silent, awaiting the orders of my party leaders, the way Colin Allred has. The stakes are way too high for the same old politics.”

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A 7th Generation Texan and 4th Generation Dallasite, Genevieve Collins is a lifelong Republican and graduate of the Cox School of Business at SMU. As Head of Corporate Strategy at Istation, a leading education technology firm Collins was named one of 2018 20 Under 40 in the Dallas area for her work turning around struggling school districts. 

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