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DALLAS, TX – Dallas businesswoman and 32nd district Republican nominee Genevieve Collins released the following statement regarding Colin Allred’s silence on the “Defund the Police” movement:

“Most agree that it’s time to take a serious look at police reform – but calls to ‘defund the police’ are dangerous and quickly becoming the mainstream in today’s Democratic party. In Minneapolis, the city council announced its intent to disband the entire police department, and Mayors Bill de Blasio and Eric Garcetti of New York and Los Angeles have pledged to gut their police department budgets to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Garcetti even went as far as to call police officers ‘killers.’”

“Let me be very clear, since our Congressman has not been: I will never support defunding the police, and I believe it is a dangerous, radical proposal to even consider. And while Allred’s inability to speak out against the most extreme factions of his party is disturbing, it is not at all surprising at this point. The 32nd district deserves leadership that will work to build bridges and knit the fabric of our communities back together – not silence in the face of radical, divisive policies aimed to turn us against one another. I am calling on Colin Allred to publicly disavow the ‘defund the police’ movement once and for all.”

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A 7th Generation Texan and 4th Generation Dallasite, Genevieve Collins is a lifelong Republican and graduate of the Cox School of Business at SMU. As Head of Corporate Strategy at Istation, a leading education technology firm Collins was named one of 2018 20 Under 40 in the Dallas area for her work turning around struggling school districts. 

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