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Republican Businesswoman Genevieve Collins Announces Run in Texas’ 32nd Congressional District

7th Generation Texan, Dallas native, successful business executive and former Division 1 athlete seeks to bring new leadership to North Texas

DALLAS – Today, Genevieve Collins, a 7th generation Texan and lifelong Republican, announced her intention to run for Congress in Texas’ 32nd Congressional District.

“I grew up in a Texas where every person, no matter their race or gender, could chase their dreams. If you could dream it, you could do it. We’re losing that. My plan will stop the bleeding, get the government out of your wallet, create lasting job opportunities and keep Texans empowered to innovate, create and thrive!” said Collins, a lifelong Dallas resident and graduate of SMU’s Cox School of Business.

Genevieve is a next generation leader who can bridge our past with our present and lead us into a bright and prosperous future. Hard work, determination, and grit are literally in Genevieve’s DNA. Her grandmother, Calvert K. Collins, was the first woman elected to the Dallas City Council in 1957. Genevieve has built upon that legacy of service with her own incredible work. Genevieve was named one of 2018’s local 20 Under 40 for her remarkable work helping to turn around struggling school districts and change students’ lives.

The Head of Corporate Strategy at Istation, a leading education technology company that helps support educators and empower students in reading and math both inside and outside the classroom, Genevieve has worked with school districts large and small across the country and right here at home to bring a first-class education to students everywhere at every income bracket.

She continued, “Congress’ inability to enact a positive impact on the lives of North Texans is unacceptable. They are supposed to serve our communities, not bicker endlessly and be indifferent to getting their job done. As a 4th generation Dallasite, I cannot stand idly by when people in Congress attack our Texas spirit of common sense business, family values, optimism, entrepreneurism and fierce independence. I will work everyday to send power back to Texas – The solutions are here in Texas, not in Washington, DC.”

From Dallas to the Park Cities to Richardson to Rowlett, the 32nd Congressional District is a dynamic, growing and ever-changing district, where we are facing serious problems and we’re going to need unique leadership to solve them.

Genevieve Collins has the grit, smarts, skills and personality to succeed in changing things in Washington. Where others have failed, Genevieve will succeed in bringing opportunity and prosperity for not just some of us, but ALL of us.

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