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Republican Genevieve Collins Releases Policy Plan on Financial Freedom and Economic Opportunity

Collins plans to release additional policy plans every week in September

DALLAS – Republican Congressional Candidate Genevieve Collins is here to tell Washington, DC to get the heck out of Texas. Texans don’t want the federal government in our pocketbook or overseeing our daily lives. We deserve to make decisions on how to make money and live the life that is best for us and for our communities. While Colin Allred’s Democratic Socialist friends like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and AOC believe that the government knows how to spend your money better than you, we North Texans believe that we know best how to balance our own checkbooks and harness our own entrepreneurial spirit.

“I grew up in a Texas where every person, no matter their race or gender, could chase their dreams. If you could dream it, you could do it. We’re losing that,” said Collins a 7th Generation Texan and lifelong Republican. “My plan will stop the bleeding, get the government out of your wallet and create lasting opportunity throughout North Texas. I want to empower Texans to innovate, create and thrive! Where Colin Allred and his Democratic Socialist friends trust a government more than 22 Trillion dollars in debt to spend your money, I put my trust in the people of North Texas and especially the constituents of the 32nd Congressional District.”

Collins continued, “I will work with the Administration to support the US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA) and force China to make free and fair trade a reality for the first time in generations and work to keep and expand the 2016 Tax Cuts that have accelerated our economy and put money back in Texans’ wallets. I will also support Opportunity Zones, of which the DFW Metroplex already has 52 designated. These Opportunity Zones will help lift people out of severe poverty, create local community commerce, and transform parts of North Texas that have been forgotten.”

“North Texas is booming but we cannot let excessive taxation and regulation harm our growth. My plan will foster innovation, reduce regulation and give all North Texans the opportunity to dream and succeed. From Healthcare to our National Debt to the Green New Deal, these Democratic Socialists think the federal government knows how to spend your money better than you. Under their system the rich become poorer and the poor become poorer. Our Texas economy should be a guide for the rest of the nation. Together, lets get the Federal Government out of your way and wallet and empower Texans to create the opportunities for all of us to succeed.”

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