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Congressional Candidate Collins Releases 32nd Video in 32 videos in 32 days for the 32nd District

Videos Outlined Genevieve’s vision for the 32nd District and Followed her Announcement of Run for Congress

DALLAS – This weekend, Genevieve Collins released the 32nd video in her 32 videos in 32 days for the 32nd District campaign. Throughout the past 32 days Genevieve has shared stories about her past and present, from her days as a Division 1 Rower, to being a successful business executive with Istation, to stories about her family, including her Grandmother Calvert Collins, who was the first woman elected to the Dallas City Council.

More than 100,000 voters in the 32nd District watched the videos over 200,000 times on social media as Collins let people into her life in a unique fashion. The strong viewing audience shows voters are thirsting for this type of engagement.

From her unique launch video to her video to California Governor Gavin Newsom comparing our economies, Genevieve shared her vision for the 32nd District and introduced some of her views and policy positions, and discussed her plans to represent and communicate with voters once elected. Voters have responded with remarkable engagement. Some of her most viewed videos include her 2nd video, which highlighted some of things she is “pro”, and her 6th video, which touched on the importance of the Texas entrepreneurial spirit. Genevieve also spoke about her relationship with God in her 7th video and spoke on how much of a disservice our current Congress is doing to her future constituents in her 17th video.

“It’s been an incredible experience and I feel so grateful to have met such thoughtful, passionate, and inspirational North Texans who genuinely want what’s best for our communities and our country,” said Collins. “But we have only just begun. Over the next month I’m going to start sharing a weekly segment on an in-depth look into my views on key issues of importance to voters in the 32nd district.”

We encourage you to keep an eye on our social media for announcements and for more insight into the next Representative for the 32nd District of Texas:

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Launch Video:

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