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Congressional Candidate Genevieve Collins Announces 32 videos in 32 days for the 32nd District

Genevieve Collins follows announcement of run for Congress with release of 32videos in 32 days outlining her vision for North Texas

DALLAS – Today, 7th Generation Texan and future Representative for the 32nd Congressional district, Genevieve Collins, announced she will be releasing 32 videos over the next 32 days that outline who she is, why she is running, what she believes and her views on the issues important to the constituents of the 32nd district.

“I’m excited to be able to share my beliefs, and hear the issues constituents care most about,” said Collins, a successful business executive with IStation and graduate of SMU’s Cox School of Business. “My family has a strong record of public service from the Dallas City Council to local charities to Congress and I look forward to sharing some of that history with voters in addition to how I plan to get the government out of our wallets, create lasting job opportunities and keep Texans empowered to innovate, create and thrive.”

Starting tomorrow, August 1st, Genevieve will travel all over the 32nd district and give people the opportunity to learn more about her vision for the 32nd district and what she will accomplish in Congress. Constituents and press alike are encouraged to interact with our social media handles throughout the next 32 days as we release these videos and Genevieve shares her story and vision for the 32nd district. We encourage you to keep an eye on our social media over the next 32 days as these videos are released:

You can learn more at



Launch Video:

Press inquiries can be made to Pierre DuBois at (214) 310-0373 or

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