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Our borders aren’t secure and our legal immigration system is broken. We desperately need reform but Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Colin Allred are standing in the way of that reform. Pelosi and Allred want to give more handouts to illegal immigrants — like $6,000 per illegal immigrant in their latest “stimulus” bill. 


DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is a program that provides conditional access to education and work permits for young immigrants who came to this country in circumstances beyond their control. These “Dreamers”, as they are oftentimes referred as, should be allowed to remain in the US if they meet certain conditions. First and foremost they obey our laws and seek to become active and positive members of our society. 


These young immigrants are growing up in our schools and going to our colleges. We should be able to benefit from the knowledge they are receiving, keep them out of the shadows and help them be positive members of our communities.

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