Financial Freedom & Economic Opportunity

I grew up in a Texas where every person, no matter their race or gender, could chase their dreams. If you could dream it, you could do it. We’re losing that. My plan will stop the bleeding, get the government out of YOUR wallet and create lasting opportunity throughout DFW to get us back on track and keep Texans empowered to innovate, create and thrive!


Democratic Socialists are trying to bring more government our way. We cannot let them. They don’t understand that North Texas is booming not because of more government, but because of less government. Our Texas economy should be a guide for the rest of the nation.


Texans don’t want the federal government in our pocketbook or overseeing our daily lives. We deserve the opportunity to make our own decisions about how to make money and live the life that is best for us and for our communities – and we shouldn’t ask the federal government’s permission. Democratic Socialists like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and AOC don’t understand that.

They think the federal government knows how to spend your money better than you; from Healthcare to our National Debt to the Green New Deal, their policies step on Texans’ God-given right to choose what is best for each of us. Under their system the rich become poorer and the poor become poorer. It brings everyone down.


We deserve the right and choice to do what’s best with our money instead of the government deciding for us. I will fight unnecessary regulation to let the people of North Texas unleash their entrepreneurial spirit and increase economic opportunity for everyone.


Our Plan to give people financial freedom and boost our economy:

Work with the Administration to support the trade agenda for the new  US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA) and hit China for their currency manipulation and unfair trade practices to make free and fair trade a reality for the first time in generations.​

Keep the 2016 Tax Cuts that have accelerated our economy and put money back in Texans’ wallets. They were a great start, but more work needs to be done to reform and simplify our tax code and ensure everyone has the opportunity prosper.

The DFW Metroplex has 52 designated Opportunity Zones. These Opportunity Zones help lift people out of severe poverty, create local community commerce, and transform parts of North Texas that have been forgotten. I will continue to support these economic Opportunity Zones with legislation and help provide clarity around implementation.

Audit the federal government to identify wasteful and unnecessary spending. Colin Allred recently supported a $320 million debt increase in 2019 that will add $1.7 TRILLION to our National Debt over the next 10 years. I will not rest until we cut wasteful spending and cut down our national debt for the children of tomorrow. We can start with supporting a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution and by working to sunset duplicative and wasteful government programs.

Innovation OVER Regulation: I support the private sector and its ability to come up with innovative solutions to our very real problems. The last thing we need is more red tape and/or handcuffs on our local business community. I will unleash our Texas spirit of entrepreneurism by supporting tax incentives for technological innovation, especially in fields relating to technology, cyber security and energy, truly making North Texas a financial, technology, and energy hub for the rest of the country and the world.

Identify the non-automated jobs of the future and use these findings to not only improve today’s workplace, but invest in education for training the current workforce with the skills/needs of tomorrow. We need to put these skills into the K-12 curriculum to train those of our children for whom a 4-year university may not be the best option.

Unleash Texan know-how when it comes to Energy. Whether it’s Natural Gas, Oil or Renewables… the Texas economy thrives on innovating and providing world-class and affordable energy. We need to preserve tax credits for existing technologies and invest in new technologies to create and build our future energy matrix, keep our gas prices at the pump down and also lower the energy prices for our homes and businesses! 

Together, let's get the Federal Government out of your way and wallet and empower Texans to create the opportunities for all of us to succeed.

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