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Unleashing American Energy

We must unleash Texan know-how when it comes to Energy. Whether it’s Natural Gas, Oil or Renewables… the Texas economy thrives on innovating and providing world-class and affordable energy. We need to preserve tax credits for existing technologies and invest in new technologies to create and build our future energy matrix, keep our gas prices at the pump down and also lower the energy prices for our homes and businesses!

I am in favor of renewable energy as well as clean energy. I think our American business can invent and innovate solutions that can change the world and create American energy independence. I don’t see a world where we are not using oil and gas but Texas companies are working now to invest in stable and innovative solutions… we don’t need the Green New Deal which would stifle innovation and put on too many burdensome regulations that would kill American jobs. According to the American Petroleum Institute, our energy sector as of 2018 has over 10.3 million jobs and contributed 8% to our US GDP, it is crucial that we prioritize options for scalable renewable energy while also realizing that traditional oil and gas extraction can improve and we take the steps to do so, but we let the market figure out how to do it. 

Texans have been leading the way on Energy for the last 100 years… now is no time to be different. The Texas miracle is in large part due to the oil and gas industry here, we can and should harness this knowledge for the rest of the country.


The current oil crisis is hurting our economy and taking away thousands of good paying jobs. My opponent voted to ban fracking and wants punish the oil and gas industry even more. We cannot allow Colin Allred and his far left environmentalist friends to ruin our economy and way of life. We need to protect our energy jobs and get back on track by preserving tax credits for existing technologies and investing in new technologies to create and build our future energy matrix while protecting consumers and preserving low gas and electricity prices. 

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